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Dell'historia Naturale

'Dell'historia Naturale' is the first solo exhibition in Lisbon of Léna Lewis-King, composed of two of her projects: 'Figure 1' and 'White Ink'. Inspired by Ferrante Imperato's woodcut, 'Dell'historia Naturale', dated 1599, the exhibition represents the culmination of Lewis-King's research from her residency at CASTRO Projects in Rome, where the artist began investigating the proto-scientific spirit behind the development of the so-called 'Cabinets of Curiosities' (personal collections that combined colonial, extractive, scientific, curatorial and educational practices). Lewis-King's work revisits and deconstructs historical material from a feminist perspective, and, considering the presentation of her research in the exhibition space, builds up layers of critical reflection on our cultural relations to science, medicine, labour, production, aesthetics, ontology and the sensory body.

Poster by Afonso Matos

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